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Rachel Wurzman Neuroscience and Connection


What inspires a neuroscientist to focus on human connection? Researched-backed facts. She is an innovator in bringing her knowledge of neuroscience discoveries about addiction into action in a safe and connected community setting through the Seek Healing project.

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Healing from addiction through human connection

Rachel Wurzman, PhD. Neuroscience, post-doctoral research fellow in the LCNS at the University of Pennsylvania. Rethinking Rehab, healing from addiction through human connection. The SeekHealing project is about empowering people to heal from trauma rather than requiring “addicts” to achieve certain outcomes.

SeekHealing works to prevent drug overdoses by treating both the individual and the community for addiction. We provide free support services to anyone at any stage in the addiction healing process, and we educate the community about healthy social connection.


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