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Marijuana News: Facts On Weed & Cannabis Culture with STONEY Ep.3


http://www.whatsyourvapetemp.com/ – Hey, hey, hey VapeTempers?! Welcome to another episode of Marijuana Monthly! Learn about the latest happenings, facts and cannabis culture with STONEY – your friendly neighborhood stoned anchorman.

Happy belated 420 everyone! We have a big month for cannabis news so let’s get this rolling. Willie Nelson – Launching his own brand of weed. We’re not sure this stuff is going to safe though so proceed with caution.

To date, 23 states has legalized marijuana for medical purposes and 4 states along with the District of Colombia have legalized recreational use. The federal government continues to ban the plant classifying it as one of the most dangerous drugs along LSD and heroin.

In other news, New Jersey governor Chris Christie claims that marijuana is a gateway drug. You know what else is a highly addictive and kinda dangerous to your health drug – DONUTS! The real gateway drug is breastmilk. Every heroine addict started off with breast milk folks!

North Carolina general assembly strikes down a proposed medical marijuana bill. FYI, you also can’t buy alchohol on Sundays there. What a pity!

Did you know that many big pharmaceutical companies originally sold medical marijuana? In a 1919 medical catalog, these companies first listed several cannabis products. Almost 6% of all manufactured drugs back then contained cannabis in one form or another.

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