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Lume NOW Fast Acting THC Gummies | The Wait Is Over


A Feeling for Everyone…NOW Faster.

Introducing New Recipes. Same Feelings. Faster Effects. Ride your high down the express lane with our all-new Lume “NOW” fast-acting THC gummies. These rapid-release edibles are available in all six of our beloved Effects for a delicious high, without watching the clock waiting for it to kick in.

Thanks to some sweet science, Lume Now gummies increase the bioavailability of THC absorption into the body, meaning the THC doesn’t get lost along the way. Simply put, a more consistent result that produces a predictable and precise experience.

By enhancing the flavors and pairing with updated cannabinoid blends of CBD, CBG and CBN along with effect boosting terpenes, these mighty gummies taste great and work great.

The Lume Cannabis Gummies line-up includes: Dream Blue Raspberry (Indica gummy), Recover Sour Punch (Indica-dominant hybrid gummy), Unwind Citrus (Indica/Sativa Hybrid gummy), Center Orange (THC/CBD gummy), Focus Watermelon (Sativa-dominant hybrid gummy) and Move Cherry (Sativa gummy).


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