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Healing Your Pet With Nutrition, Supplements And A Holistic Approach To Pet Care With Dr. Ihor B…


I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Basko through my mother’s neighbor. He is a wealth of knowledge, practicing holistic veterinarian care for over 35 years. Dr B, as he’s known, has an incredible list of credentials. Today we speak about the many ways you can naturally heal your pet and the preventive measures you can take now to help your fur baby live a long and healthy life. I’m grateful to Dr. B and my only wish is that I found him sooner to help treat Lilli. We had a long conversation that will be split into two episodes along with video and slides to come. The first ten people to sign up for my newsletter at greenwithtiffany.com will get Dr B’s slide presentation.

“I adopted holistic medicine into my veterinary work because it focuses on the true nature of healing – prevention of chronic disease. Holistic treatments have no side-effects, and combine the best of both traditional veterinary care and alternative therapies.” – Dr. Basko

Green with Tiffany
Episode 18
September 7, 2022

★ Episode details: https://share.transistor.fm/s/ee496baa
★ Additional episodes: https://greenwithtiffany.com/


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