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Rosin Files Ep 26 "Sirius Black"


darn, should have used a hair straightener. siriusly spooky!

0:00 Intro
3:42 Joint Rolling
7:19 Smoking Sirius
10:20 Bong Rips / Yield Prediction
14:14 Flower Closeup / Weight In / Bagpack
15:18 Rosin Press
16:48 Collection / Yield
18:15 Outtro Dab / Thoughts
27:27 Final Details

Not affiliated with Nugsmasher or High End Farms in any way.

Not for kids 18+ only. For educational and entertainment purposes only. I do not encourage or condone engaging in dangerous or illegal activities.

All cannabis is purchased and consumed legally in the Washington State i502 medical/recreational market.


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