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Pioneering the Cannabis business in Thailand feat. Tai 'Four Twenty' | Thaiger Podcast Ep.4


Introducing one of the pioneers for cannabis in Thailand, Tai Taveepanichpan. Tai is a young entrepreneur and the owner of Four Twenty Thailand, Cannagrow Technology and Cultivate. Companies that sell cannabis cultivating equipment, grow cannabis and cannabis dispensaries in Thailand.

In this podcast we talk about the current situation of cannabis in Thailand, where it’s heading and what lies ahead for the future of Thai cannabis tourism. How much does it cost to start up selling cannabis? How much can you make selling cannabis? What challenges can you face running a cannabis business in Thailand?

For more information or to purchase products from Tai’s business, click here:

Four Twenty Thailand
FB: https://www.facebook.com/th.fourtwenty
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fourtwenty.th/

Canna grow technology: https://cannagrowtechnology.com/

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Establishing History

00:00 Intro
01:25 cannabis to an early age
03:05 Bad experiences with cannabis
05:00 From consumer to supplier
08:00 Pushbacks on pursuing a career in cannabis
10:40 government funding and loans for a cannabis business
12:25 challenges selling cannabis before and now

Cannabis market in Thailand

15:00 Set-up, equipment and expenses
18:30 Cost of starting a new cannabis facility
22:00 Being a pioneer in the cannabis facility
25:00 The law surrounding cannabis in Thailand and the government
31:23 Source of information regarding cannabis
33:35 Running a legal cannabis business
35:10 Paperwork and regulations

Current situation in Thailand

37:56 Openly selling cannabis ill-legally and legally
40:30 Who’s buying cannabis in Thailand?
41:42 regarding cannabis in designated areas
45:43 How much money do you make selling cannabis?
47:37 prices dropping for cannabis
49:18 How do you differentiate yourself in the competitive market?
53:05 Creating names and standerdized pricing
54:31 Most popular strains in Thailand. Top 3
56:49 Turf wars and selling areas
The future

01:01:00 Dark side of cannabis in Thailand
01:05:20 Educating people in Thailand regarding cannabis
01:10:12 Advice for entrepreneurs starting a business in Thailand

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