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Introduction to High Fashion By NDD.


The goal of High Fashion by NND is to advocate for cannabis legalization through fashion. We make comfortable, fashionable clothing for those that feel a plant with so many benefits should be legal. All of our designs are intentional. We believe that if we normalize the cannabis plant, we can detach the unwarranted stigma attached to cannabis. Being the child of a mother who suffers from lupus and fibromyalgia, I’ve seen the pain that comes along with those conditions. I experienced the opioid push by doctors who over prescribed pills because they received gifts and kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. I saw my mother in near comatose states because of the opioids that were prescribed to her. I’ve witnessed her go through withdraws from drugs that were not treating her condition. After independent research I discovered that opioids aren’t very effective for dealing with the nerve pain associated with fibromyalgia, but cannabinoids are. After finding this out I felt that I’d found something that would help my mother. There was only one issue, my mother grew up hearing all of the negative propaganda attached to cannabis. Even though she’d gone through the negative side effects of opioids that were just leaving her doped up, she still pushed back on trying medical cannabis. After about two years of convincing, she was finally in so much pain that she agreed to try cannabis tincture. She experienced relief from the pain she’d been experiencing for years. Witnessing the positive effects, she felt made me happy, but it was bittersweet. My mother had gone through years of pain while on opioids that weren’t addressing her issues. I witnessed her go through what I now know were opioid withdrawal. Not because there was no treatment but because the medication, she needed was unjustifiably made illegal. There were also so many negative stereotypes attached to cannabis that my mother was extremely hesitant to try it. This is why I started High Fashion by NDD. I want to change the way cannabis is viewed. The purpose of the brand is to normalize the cannabis plant to aid in the legalization effort, so that millions of people like my mother can get access to this life improving medication. Smoke good live better.


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