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How to Manufacture CBD Gummies


How to make CBD Gummies with Silverson High Shear Mixers.

In this how-to video, see how a Silverson mixer can blend high-viscosity syrup into water and incorporate gelling agents and CBD oil to produce CBD gummy sweets and candies in small batches typical of this sector.

CBD oils and CBD oil-based products are becoming increasingly popular due to claimed benefits including pain relief and reduction of inflammation. The mixing equipment is critical in producing high-quality CBD oil-based foods such as gummies and sweets. Silverson Machines are at the forefront of this rapidly expanding industry, supplying Laboratory and Pilot Scale mixing equipment to many companies.

The batch-to-batch consistency achieved with a Silverson mixer is advantageous where declared CBD potency levels need to be maintained.

Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD oil is derived from Cannabis.

To find out more, read the application report on the Silverson website: www.silverson.com


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