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Breeders Syndicate 2.0 – Solutions for the Cannabis Crisis and Viewer Questions S05 E03 PART 1


Welcome to Breeders Syndicate 2.0 – This is the new improved Breeders Syndicate fully run and operated by Matthew Riot. Accept no imitations. This is Season 5 Episode 3 Part 1 – We talk a LOT – sometimes repeating ourselves, about the difference between old school and new shcool, what we see wrong with it, what we dislike, etc. Today we want to offer a few solutions to the current cannabis crisis. We discuss what we see as a good path to beating this future that looks super bleak. We are going to take it on together as a whole. We alos have live viewer questions – some really amazing ones!

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Honeycutts / Youth In Rage / courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com


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