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How to Make Weed Popcorn


Weed Popcorn

Looking to add some more exotic flavor to your movie tonight? The zesty twist of the Weed Popcorn or cannabis popcorn will enhance the excitement of the movie-watching. As a handful of snacks, Popcorn makes the perfect combination while watching movies at night including the popcorn game or even you can enjoy this when you sit idle.

Many people like to consume weed in the form of smoking, the people who prefer weed popcorn show that they like pop & enjoy the moments of life.

To make the cannabis based popcorn you have to prepare a few batches of cannabis butter or cannabutter. Adding marijuana is the sole ingredient of popcorn. Learning & preparing recipes excites everyone as kernels popped out from the container and transformed into the flower.

Recipes To Make Cannabis Infused Butter

If you have never done this, then it can be overwhelming. No need to worry, you can learn this very easily. You don’t have to become a master chef for this. Cannabutter is known as cannabis-infused butter and contains CBD.

To make cannabutter you have to be ready with patience & well organized. The recipe contains THC and it should be used as per your body preference. Pour one-fourth of the table teaspoon cannabis butter as per the body response you can decide the desired amount whether you want less or more.

Step 1:- Decarboxylation Of Weed

This is also known as the “Decarbing”. In this, you need to bake the weed so that the THC & CBD, and various cannabinoid components can get activated. This step also allows the butter components to bind with the weed and makes a good cannabis infusion.

Heat the microwave around 220 degrees Fahrenheit and break the desired amount of weed in the vessel or any bowl. Bake the mixture for around 45 min to 1 hour and make sure to check frequently with constant stirring in between some times. 

After baking, when the mixture cools on the baking sheet, you will notice the cannabis herb’s color changes from bright green to brownish. This completes the decarboxylation methods to make the marijuana butter which can be edibles in the cooked popcorn. Drizzle the weed spread for cooling in the cup. The other form of making marijuana spread is done on the stove heat.

Step 2:- Stove Top Cooking

Once the cannabis components get activated, slowly pour the mixture into the large bowl with hot water & butter. Putting the well-fitting lid on it allows it to slow heat for 3-4 hours. Stir the mixture to avoid burning.

While making the edibles cannabis at home you need to make sure the exact half quantity of cannabutter or regular butter. The extra quantity may lead to overconsumption. After your heat, let the mixture cool keeping it in the fridge. It makes a thick layer and gets separated from the water. Pour the mixture into the cup to use.

Here’s How to Make Weed Popcorn

The addition of marijuana to the popcorn makes the weed popcorn or potcorns. In this, the normal butter is replaced by the cannabutter. This ingredient makes the popcorn the best munching snack which can be shared among friends while watching movies.

The recipe for the weed pot can be prepared in the microwave, air popper, or on the flame.

The ingredients quantity can be modified as per your taste preference. The half medium-sized cup of corn kennel will make approximately 15 cups of weed popcorn. Also, you can select your preference to cook the weed popcorns on the stovetop or in a popcorn maker.

Cannabis Popcorn Recipe Ingredients:

  • A packet of kernels.
  • Half cup of popcorn kernels corn. Make sure there should be enough kernels for the party members.
  • One tablespoon of edible oil, you can use olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, or avocados oil.
  • Cannabis infused butter, choose the quantity as per your choice. Ensure that kernels are not impacted.
  • Salt & black pepper or any seasoning kinds of stuff
  • Regular butter or unsalted butter


Directions to Make Potcorn Recipe:


Image Source: http://cornquest.in/spicy-green-chutney-popcorn/ 

We will now demonstrate the process with respect to the stovetop.

  1. Add the edible oil of one tablespoon to the medium-sized pan or pot. 
  2. Add the kernel seed, when the pan becomes hot. To ensure check the fumes of oil or in the absence of fumes put the seeds carefully in the pan. 
  3. When the popcorn kernels start to pop, add the remaining to the pan. 
  4. In order to avoid the overcrowding & burning of the potcorn, make sure there should be a single layer of potcorn at the bottom of the pan. 
  5. Cover the pan with the proper fitting lid on medium-high heat and let the corn get cooked & pop. Also, when you hear popping, make it back & forth for even cooking. 
  6. When the popping slows, then switch off the flame and allow the popcorn to cool for several minutes. Make sure to cook the kernels properly for the best taste of the snack. 
  7. Keep the cannabutter popcorn on the side. 
  8. Place the same pan on the stovetop on a medium flame. 
  9. Add the preferred quantity of cannabutter or regular butter in the same pot or pan. If you want the high effects then you can skip adding the regular butter. 
  10. When the butter gets melted on the pan or pot, then pour the popcorn over to mix properly. 
  11. Mix the popcorn properly so that it can coat evenly and can be a layer formed over the popcorn of melted cannabutter. 
  12. Now you can add the salt & seasoning kinds of stuff as per your taste preference or desired amount. 
  13. Some people are fond of sweet taste, so you can add the poured sugar while in the butter. 
  14. Consume the weed popcorn in the bowl after the mixture cools. Cool the mixture by removing the lid from the vessel. 
  15. The lovely combination of crunchy popcorns, tangy salt & marijuana makes your party vibes & bite-sized very high.

How Much Cannabis Popcorn Should You Eat?

The consumption of edibles taken in the correct proportion keeps the body healthy. The marijuana-associated products have a slow absorption rate. 

The weed has to enter the digestive system and there it gets processed by the liver and then entered the bloodstream. Where you can sense its effects.

The number of cannabis popcorns or buds can be judged on the basis of the tolerance that your body sustains. Adjust the quantity of THC or marijuana butter in the popcorn to make it stronger or lighter.

Marijuana edibles make different impacts on every individual. Some may take a few hours to get high while for some it may take a few hours. If you are a new user of marijuana then it is best to take in a small amount. 

The high hits are hard and some people may feel anxious & sick. If these things happen it’s better to connect with some dispensary or any medical help.

Ending Note On The Weed Popcorn Recipe

So finally if you are planning to create the get-together with zesty snacks of weed popcorns then make sure you follow the state regulations and other guidelines. The elaborated recipe makes sure that you enjoy the friends as well as snacks together in the best manner. Share your feedback & let us know if you want more recipes, we will inbox email in a detailed manner.

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