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Cannabis-Infused Lemonade | Best Infused Drink Ever!


Cannabis Infused Lemonade

Summers are one the best times of the year. It is the time when kids have their school vacation, and people visit their summer homes to meet their parents. As times change, the summers are getting hotter than ever, and we all know the reason behind this. Global Warming! Anyways this is not going to be a “What is global warming or how we can stop it” article, so we ain’t going to bore you with that. So many options are available for people to stay hydrated & fresh, like iced tea, fresh squeezed lemon juice, or any juice when one wants to quench their thirst in the sunny summers. Still, nothing can be compared to the glass full of lemonade, as that’s enough to beat the summer heat! The drink is not just a thirst quencher, it is also rich in Vitamin C. It, therefore, becomes a better option than sipping your that regular favorite tea, artificially flavored beverages, or standard ice lemons drinks. So in this article, we will discuss all your favorite beverages!

Why Cannabis Infused Lemonade

Having lemonade is the best way to give the lungs a break from the regular artificial drinks. Cannabis-infused lemonade drinks have the potential to provide you with a high feeling rather than smoke.

There is a high perception that the recipe of making edible bakes are quite a time-consuming, messy & smelling process that requires a lot of effort and time. However, the recipe for making Cannabis lemonade drinks is relatively easy to make as compared to the other edibles products.

When you like adventurous drinks & activities, the cannabis lemonade drinks or lemon juice are mind-blowing for the adrenaline experience.

Check out the CBD tincture drinks recipe to get relaxation this summer.

CBD Lemonade Recipe

CBD Lemonade RecipeThe easiest ways to make cannabis-infused lemonade are by adding the mixture of THC tincture. This is one of the simple cannabis lemonade recipes. Just add a few drops of the simple syrup in the desired amounts for preparing the cannabis lemonade.

Check out this quick recipe for cannabis-infused lemonade. The required ingredients are the

  • Lemons approx half dozen (or pour the lemon juice around 0.5L)
  • Cold water approx 1.45L
  • 200-250g sugar, or you can also use the cannabis sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons of cannabis tincture
  • Infused honey or cannabis-infused sugar if required

Process of the making of simple cannabis lemonade recipe using cannabis sugar

  • Squeeze the fresh lemon juice. You can use the lemon squeezer to take the last drop of simple syrup.
  • Mix the freshly squeezed lemon juice in the mason jar and stir it thoroughly so the sugar can dissolve.
  • Add the CBD tinctures of cannabis as per the preference and mix it well.
  • Many people also prefer to consume cannabis sugar in a simple syrup instead of regular sugar. The cannabis sugar should be added to the control quantity.

Making Of Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis Tincture Making ProcessAt the beginning of the recipe, we will take the cannabis plant and heat it to activate the cannabinoids in it. This process is known as decarboxylation. The decarboxylated cannabis process can be skipped in the recipe if you have the plan to remove the alcohol with heat.

Once the cannabis has decarboxylated, then put it in the glass jar or small glass and put alcohol into it, close the lid and shake it properly. Leave the composition for 4-5 days so that alcohol can extract the cannabis fully and allow the mixture to sit for 24 hours. People also use vegetable glycerin as it binds CBD and THC to give an enhanced flavor. 

Now use the stainer, coffee filter, or cheesecloth to separate the compound, removing the unwanted plant material. Put the liquid into the glass bottles to cool. Now the tincture is ready to use. Put 3-4 teaspoons or a few drops of cannabis tincture in your refreshing recipes of weed lemonade or any refreshing cannabis drinks.

Making Of Cannabis Infused Sugar

The preparation of the marijuana-infused sugar process is similar to the cannabis tinctures, and you must follow the same procedure for the alcohol & cannabis plant materials.

Mix the material into the glass jar and put it on low heat for the decarboxylation of marijuana. Close the pot, allow it to cool & sit for around 30 minutes, and shake it every few minutes.

Strain the mixture with the cheesecloth or coffee filter in the bowl. Add fresh sugar into the liquid mix and blend it well. After that, pour the materials into the small saucepan or baking dish. Cook it at the temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir the liquid regularly until all the alcohol has been removed. This can be done on low heat very efficiently.

When all alcohol has been removed from the liquid mixture, you can break the sizeable granulated sugar into pieces and place them in a tight container. The granulated sugar can be used to prepare cannabis edibles or drink recipes to refresh your mind.

Making Of Cannabis Infusions Of Iced Tea

Cannabis Infused Iced TeaThe recipe for cannabis-infused iced tea is relatively easy, though the drops of tincture add a bitter taste to it. It does not pair well as it does with the THC lemonades. To add the sweetness, the infused honey or regular honey can be added to it. Ice tea is also an infused drink that can be consumed in the summer to feel fresh. The brewing process is almost the same as how you brew cannabis-infused lemonade.

Ingredients For The Cannabis Infused Honey Iced Tea

  • 6 cups of water
  • Six tea bags or loose leaf tea around three-tablespoon
  • half or one-third of honey

Start By Preparing The Infused Honey

  • Place the cup of filtered water with half of the natural honey in a small saucepan on the medium heat
  • Add the honey with the tincture of marijuana. Only drop the 3-4 drops of dose as per the preference.
  • Once the mixture temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit, blend to dissolve the honey in water-soluble.
  • Pour the cold glass into the container and keep it in the refrigerator to solidify.

How Much Cannabis Infused Lemonade To Drink

If you are preparing the cannabis-infused lemonade recipe made from lemons and cannabis for the first time, then it is better to consume the low dose, and it is best to use medical marijuana. The quantity should be in the desired amount that suits your body, and even the sugar should be taken in a specific amount.

While consuming the infused lemonade, on the initial level, use the small glasses. Wait for at least an hour to check the effects of infused drinks on your body.

How To Store Cannabis Infused Lemon Extract 

Pour the THC lemonade into the completely covered jar kept in the refrigerator. We can keep it around for one week. Additionally, store the marijuana tincture in a cool, dry & dark place to restore its freshness for a longer time.

The THC infuse components should be made periodically if you want to consume them over a longer time. Even the simple syrup of lemons can be stored for a longer time and takes less prep time to make. The described recipes will help to get high & kick things in an adventurous manner.

More THC Infuse Drink To Enjoy For Great Taste

You can get various drinks recipes from the plant material & decarbed cannabis other than lemonade & tea. The prep time is not so high when you are already prepared with the other stuff. Make sure to follow the required garnish instructions.

Cannabis Quencher:- Tropical drinks with THC sugar simple syrup

CBD Infused Wine:- Red or white wine with favorite stain

Ending Note On Cannabis Infused Lemonade

When you make cannabis beverages, they are great ways to get high. When completed in the right proportion, it produces significant effects compared to the other edibles and is much cleaner than smoking. The minute dash of the THC put everything on the whole to a different level.

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