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When Men Try To Lead, Women Rebel Even More (True Or False)


Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 – Intro & “My Name Is Kaylee”
2:28 – Show Starts: When Men Lead…
8:31 – 💰Donations #1: EFF The Family Court
12:27 – Women Keep The Family Court’s Lights On
14:43 – 23 Years Later… “Family Court Here I Come”
17:00 – One Job Is Not Enough In This Economy
23:48 – A Good Girl Is A Girl That Hasn’t Been Caught
31:13 – 🔴Is PJ Washington Being Reckless With His Seed
40:51 – Shout Out To The Skittles Brothas
44:02 – 💰Donations #2: We Are All Renting Women
47:34 – Action Speaks Louder Than Words
56:41 – That Dud P-sleeve
58:23 – 🔴Hater Divorced Wife: She Hates Her Ex So Much
1:12:33 – Hit The Like Button Or Else…
1:13:22 – 💰Donations #3: The Cost Of Custody Battles
1:24:01 – Get Away From Your Family
1:31:17 – 🔴When Men Try To Lead
2:03:48 – Coach’s Closing Point On Leadership
2:05:52 – 💰Donations #4: Playtime Is Over
2:08:19 – “I’m Not G@y No More.. I’m Delivered!”
2:11:45 – Troll Tries To ‘School’ Coach On Chiestianity
2:17:26 – Making A Move Can Change Your Life


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