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How I Cured My SIBO "IBS" (+Gastritis, Duodenitis, NAFLD, & POTS) *w/ Brain Fog*


Stuff I forgot to say:

NAFLD: If you have liver disease be aware of this relationship. My GP found on ultrasound that I had NAFLD along the way. It was very strange because I had low BMI and no good reason for it. A recent ultrasound shows it is gone now. The relationship with SIBO is known, linked below. Essentially, the SIBO bacteria create toxins that enter the bloodstream, go to the liver and mess it up.

Fiber: Unfortunately, we cannot rely on fiber for motility aid. This confuses a lot of SIBO patients. Fiber is a chain of non-digestible carbs that the bacteria can eat. They feast on it and it makes us worse. So don’t take fiber supplements. Some people try Miralax since it is basically a plastic instead, but at the end of the day consider that no matter the moisture content of your digesting food, it’s not going anywhere because the MMC’s aren’t working. So it’s not really a fix.

The most popular small bowel MMC tools I have seen used in the SIBO community are:
Ortho Molecular Products Motility Pro
Iberogast Advanced (Be aware the original Iberogast had liver risks)
I do use Triphala after meals. I don’t think it’s strong enough to fix things on its own, but it does give me feelings of relief if I ever feel like I ate a meal that’s slowing me down.

Foot massages are surprisingly effective at stimulating small bowel MMC.
Reducing anxiety is very important. Stress is known to impair MMC.
Beware common anxiety inputs: social media & news. Seriously consider taking a 1 week break from all screens outside of work and see if it meaningfully influences your stress levels / motility.
Cardio exercise is good if possible.
Don’t snack at night. It resets your MMC clock. Give yourself dinner to breakfast as a solid fasting period if possible, that’s lots of time for MMC’s.

Don’t mess with soil-based probiotics, a recent fad. Normal, dairy-based probiotics are temporary; they are lost if you stop taking them. Soil-based probiotics can permanently inhabit your biome, and you have no way to get them out if it doesn’t go well. Don’t play Russian roulette with your gut bacteria.

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