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Custom Candy Gummy Mylar Bag


Custom your own mylar bags with a free design service https://bit.ly/3xWd1Ay
Shop this item:https://bit.ly/3bBmm9J
Why choose us?
1, Rich experience in the flexible packaging area
2, Small quantity to start, factory wholesale price
3, Equipped with professional machines, fast turnaround
4, Free design service
5, Many designed/branded mylar bags are in stock, ship out fast!
Shop designed/branded printed mylar bags here:https://bit.ly/3yjOqXP

What machines or printers do we use?
We do not use a normal printer like a UV spot printer, this is a professional way, we use gravure print machines(traditional way) and digital print machines(HP25000, top industrial machine in mylar packaging area).

How many quantities can I custom my own mylar bag?
As low as 200pcs to start!

Mylar bag is most used in medical dispensary packaging,weed bags,marijuana,CBD,food storage,pet treats,coffee,tea,edibles,and more

What are the sizes mostly used in the medical packaging area?
3.5-gram mylar bag
7-gram mylar bag
14-gram mylar bag
28-gram mylar bag
454-gram mylar bag

What items does Qzsmoke420 supply?
Mylar bags
CBD carts,packaging,disposable vape device
Preroll packaging, stickers
Vape device

Our website:www.qzsmoke420.com
Text:+1 (662) 565-5791


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