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Happy Medical Cannabis Day Hawaii 2022 – Add Alzheimer's to your list of medical conditions!


Coach Chela wishes Hawaii’s Medical Cannabis community a happy Medical Cannabis Day 2022, and shares why Alzheimer’s should be on the list of tyranny…or rather the list of medical conditions for which medical cannabis can be used.

Cannabis Helps Dementia! podcast

Grab our book “CBD for Seniors: 12 Things to Know When Trying CBD or Medicinal Cannabis to Ease Symptoms of Aging & Improve Brain Health”

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Coach Chela consulting is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, but to support you in your best life. We’re here to assist you in researching alternative treatments that might help you feel good and possibly get better.

In Solidarity,
Coach Chela & Dave
Personalized Research and Advocacy

Free The Plant, Free The People!

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