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Cannabis Legalization New England: Using Data to Understand Regional Context & Consumption Patterns


While medical cannabis has been legal for some time in New England, the movement toward adult use cannabis legalization has gained traction over the last few years and now seems imminent for holdout states. However, each New England state has had a different approach to governing and regulating cannabis programs, which has influenced availability, access, and use. Understanding this influence and the context of use is critical for prevention. Join us for a review of New England state cannabis programs and a look at the data available to guide prevention work at the ground level.

Join presenters from Public Consulting Group, the New England PTTC Evaluation Partner.

Tim Diomede, MPP, Epidemiologist, Maine SEOW Coordinator
Kim Magoon, MS, Evaluation Analyst
Megan Hawkes, MPH, Program Manager, Evaluation


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