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Is CBD a miracle cure? – SMOKO CBD: Freedom as nature intended


Is CBD a miracle cure?

SMOKO CBD products use broad spectrum CBD oil for maximum benefit from the flavonoids and terpenes, without any risk of intoxication from THC. Our vegan friendly CBD products, including CBD oil oral drops and CBD gummies, are also gluten free!

Cannabidiol CBD oil is legal in the UK, with many people describing beneficial effects to their quality of life when they have been taking CBD oil. Is CBD a miracle cure? A panacea? No, but it synergises with the human endocannabinoid system to bolster our defences, regulate the body’s chemical messengers, reduce inflammation – and generally aims to bring balance to the body.

The UK government recognises ‘products containing cannabidiol (CBD) oil used for medical purposes are a medicine’ so the medicinal value of CBD oil has been officially acknowledged at the highest level – Is CBD a miracle cure? No, but it could help!

Our broad spectrum CBD products are made in the UK using CBD cryogenically extracted from cannabis sativa L plants responsibly grown in Oregon, USA. You can see our product test certificates on our website, so you know you can trust SMOKO CBD.

Do you suffer from an inflammatory disease? CBD reduces inflammation. Struggle with skin conditions? CBD regulates lipogenesis which impacts skin health. Have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia? CBD can help you relax and may even induce sleep. Have epilepsy? CBD can reduce epileptic fits, and in some rare cases stops epileptic fits altogether. Do you have a neurological condition? CBD can protect neurons and regulate neurotransmitters. Maybe you just want to aid recovery after sports? CBD reduces inflammation and can reduce pain perception.

This is why the UK government now classify CBD products as a medicine, but even they say ‘no’ to the question ‘is CBD a miracle cure?’

If you are asking yourself ‘where can I buy CBD in the UK?’ – there’s only one place to buy the UK’s premium CBD – SMOKO CBD!


UK Government Drug licensing factsheet:


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