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Rapha CBD Review


Hi and welcome back to Cbdaplenty.

As you may already know, one of the many things we do here at Cbdaplenty is to carry out reviews of CBD Companies products.

And today we are going to review 3 products from Rapha CBD.

Rapha CBD are based in Exeter, UK and the 3 products which we have reviewed are:

1000mg CBD oils in the following flavours:

Vanilla, Mixed Berry and Peppermint.

Now, one of the first things we would say about these oils is the taste.

Many people do not like the taste of natural cbd, and the 3 flavours which these oils are available in make these oils so easy easy to take as they actually taste nice.

One of our reviewers who suffers from anxiety reported that after only a few days of using these oils, that they started to feel a lot more relaxed.

Plus another one of our reviewers, who suffers from partial insomnia, reported an improvement in their sleep pattern.

Certificates of Analysis are available for all of Rapha CBD’s products.

The products are very professionally packaged & we believe that they are value for money.

For the full review of Rapha CBD’s products visit our review page at www.cbdaplenty.com/review-page

Check out Rapha CBD’s website here, www.raphacbd.com

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