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Psychiatrist Reacts to EUPHORIA


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▼ Timestamps ▼

0:00 – Preview
0:55 – Euphoria
4:23 – Why is Euphoria good?
6:09 – First 20 mins of euphoria
12:52 – Birth trauma
13:31 – Children are sensitive
32:20 – Not having the answers
35:47 – How do Clinicans Diagnose?
42:36 – Does diagnosis imply you are broken?
50:24 – The journey from birth to addict
57:09 – 2 seconds of nothingness, birth of an addict
59:30 – What does addiction do for people?
1:03:32 – Overdose and Rehab
1:14:25 – Predispositions to addictions
1:21:21 Dealing with negative emotions
1:26:30 – True antidote to addiction
1:33:42 – Questions
Today Dr. K analyzes Euphoria, is Euphoria realistic, the psychology behind euphoria, euphoria psychiatrist, is euphoria accurate. Healthy Gamer also talks about rehab, how rehab works, why rehab doesn’t work, why we are addicted, how to solve addiction and more. Dr. K also covers the first 20 minutes of euphoria and everything you need to know about American Mental Health.



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