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Weed for Addiction, PTSD, Sleep, and More?! | Weed QnA with Dr. Hsu


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▼ Timestamps ▼

14:41 | Different meanings of marijuana
20:04 | Weed industry
24:48 | Addiction
27:52 | Pracicality
33:28 | PTSD
46:34 | Marijuana to escape emotion
51:33 | Is there a healthy way to use
59:12 | Marijuana for sleep
1:06:22 | Safe recreational use
1:13:17 | Marijuana for creativity
1:21:00 | How often does the community use weed?
1:27:44 | Dopaminergic depression
1:33:57 | Schizophrenia
1:40:19 | Bipolar and depression
1:49:55 | Lack of marijuana prescription
2:07:24 | Closing thoughts



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