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Monthly Pet Q&A with Dr. Rob Silver DMS, MS and Joni Kamlet RVT, CCRA


Submit your questions here: http://realmushrooms.com/petqa

Live Pet Q&A with Dr. Rob Silver DVM, MS and Joni Kamlet RVT, CCRA every month answering your pet questions.

05:40 – Would my pet benefit from mushrooms?
09:55 – Is chaga mushroom beneficial?
11:10 – what do you recommend what a dog with a sensitive stomach?
14:10 – do mushrooms help with stress and anxiety?
16:40 – my dog went through a bone marrow transplant. would using mushrooms help with recovery?
20:10 – do dogs become immune to mushrooms after a certain amount of time?
23:10 – what mushrooms would help my 13yr old bulldog?
23:40 – tell me about mushrooms compared to mycelium
26:40 – how much for a 58 pound dog?
28:10 – what mushrooms are best for recovery from a tumor removal?
32:10 – would mushrooms help to lower liver values?
34:25 – what can i do to stop my dog from constantly licking its paws?
37:55 – Is CBD and mushrooms a good combo?
41:25 – Should I be concerned about xylitol in mushrooms?
45:25 – If using fresh mushrooms in a dog’s diet, should they be cooked or raw?

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