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CCI Grad Profiles – Rich – Helping People Feel Better & Then Transform, Personally & Professionally


In this series of videos, I’ll be chatting with recent grads of the Cannabis Coaching Institute. They’ll be telling their story of how they came to cannabis, how CCI has helped their careers, what they’re up to in their businesses and what advice they have for YOU (a future CCI grad).

Meet Richard. He’s been in the business world a long time, but in semi-retirement, wanted to focus on something he’s truly passionate about. It turns out that he’s passionate about more than just the plant though. He educates people about how cannabis may help their physical ailments. But what really lights him up is helping those people transform professionally once they’re feeling better.

Book your spot with Richard here:

Do YOU want to be in the next graduating class of CCI? Join us! Head to https://www.cannabiscoachinginstitute.com/?ref=andreameharg and make sure to email me at hello@revealcannabis.com for a sweet discount coupon!

Not sure yet? Join the Three-Step Business Building Workshop and see if CCI is right for you. www.cannabiscoachinginstitute.com/3steps/?ref=andreameharg

We also just launched a NEW program, the Certified Cannabis Educator Program. It teaches you how to be a Cannabis Educator so you can create content with confidence. This is perfect for already-certified coaches who want to add cannabis to the mix or for bloggers, writers, video makers, podcasters and educators who want to teach people science-based information on the plant. Check it out here and email me for a great coupon: https://www.cannabiscoachinginstitute.com/ccep/?ref=andreameharg

Have questions? Pop them below. I answer them ALL!

If you’re curious about using cannabis for sleep, pain, depression, inflammation, stress, depression and more but are confused about the whole process, I understand. I became a certified Cannabis Coach because I found the patient journey SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. Let me save you the time, headache and expense of trying loads of products with no results. Book your Complete Cannabis Consultation with me today and start feeling better tomorrow. www.revealcannabis.com/cannabis-consultation

Follow the CCI co-founders Corinne over at www.wakeandbake.co and Niki on Instagram @nikiwells__



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