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Season 6, Episode 2: Does Living A Cannabis Lifestyle Create Wellness?


The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice and all of your health choices are your own.
The opinions expressed on this show, are not necessarily those of our producer, A. Edge
This Season is dedicated to Corey Hunt
Cohost: Branden Lee
Eve Lentz
Eve Lentz is an cannabis activist, proponent and patient.
Here is some more information on the amazing Eve Lentz:

Farmer Tom Lauerman
It started with an idea, how to take 30 years of experience and grow it into
a business. With the intention to combine his life passions of being an
industry educator, years of professional landscape construction experience,
his vision of medicinal and food plant production using biodynamic/organic
methods, key note speaker, and plant/patient advocate.  CEO and Owner
of FarmerTom.com Farmer Tom Lauerman is an expert in his field. For
many years students and patients have sought him out to learn organic
grow techniques for fruits, vegetables, as well as medical cannabis/hemp.
He is a highly sought after popular key note speaker at Cannabis and
Hemp related events both Nationally and Internationally. Events such as
ASD Market Week, CannaCon, Cannabis Creative Conference, 2017
South Carolina Cannabis Conference just to name a few. Farmer Tom is
also a guest blogger and contributor to numerous publications such as ‘The
Columbian’; ‘Cannabis Chronicles’; and’ PotExchange’.  He says “Cannabis
isn’t my hobby, it’s My Passion!” 
Farmer Tom understands the importance of trust. Due diligence, hard work
and vision drive his standards every day. A respected leader in his
industry, he hopes through his dedication and goal oriented attitude to help
guide the Cannabis and Hemp Industry into the future.
Crystal Anderson “Yooper Jane”
From Crystal:
I’m Crystal Anderson, I live in michigans upper peninsula and live the lifestyle you seek! I have been in the cannabis industry… I have been a part of tokeativity a female empowerment movement with cannabis… I am a home grower who destigmatizes for my children as well.

Musical Guest: Jourdan Jade

Cannabis Expert MD, Dr. Brian Nichol

Candis Dyer Mile High News

Miss Teddi @learnfromteddi
This show is written and created by Wendy Love Edge.
Producer and Management: A. Edge Productions
Editing: Flint Woods
Theme song; Lyrics Samantha Hunt. Music and Arrangement, and performed by Will Brand

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