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My Take on Pastor Mike Todd’s Spit Take | Ep 551


Today we’re mainly focusing on theology, starting with a reaction to Oklahoma pastor Mike Todd’s strange sermon, in which he spat on his hand and rubbed it on a churchgoer to make a point about vision or something. Gross. However, Todd has realized since then that he took things a little too far and made an apology video. In the video, he encourages people to watch the rest of the sermon and not just the clip going around on social media … so we did. And, unfortunately, his sermon turned out to be the kind of exegetical teaching that is a hallmark of prosperity gospel. Then, we discuss the recent rush by the mainstream media to condemn Justice Neil Gorsuch for not wearing a mask to hear arguments at the Supreme Court, which is apparently putting Justice Sotomayor in danger. Even though they’re both triple-vaccinated and tested regularly for infection.

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My Take on Pastor Mike Todd’s Spit Take | Ep 551


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