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The Feels Ep. 04: Terpenes


Dr. Bex and Jeff talk terpenes at Feel State Florissant, recorded live on 11/22/21.

0:00 A Little Bit of Banter
2:45 Welcome to Episode 04
3:05 Introducing Terpenes
4:12 What’s a trichome?
5:12 About Green Wednesday
6:38 Mono vs Sesquiterpenes
7:38 Breaking Down Isoprenes
9:09 Chains of Carbon in Terpenes
9:45 Testosterone and estrogen are terpenes!
10:05 Retinol (AKA Vitamin A) is a terpene!
10:28 Cholesterol, rubber, and latex are terpenes!
11:21 Exciting products at Feel State
12:00 First-pass Metabolism of Edibles
13:08 Introducing Myrcene, the Most Common Terpene in Cannabis
15:08 Terpenes that DON’T Directly Interact with CB1 or CB2 Receptors
15:45 Cannabis Pantry Items at Feel State
16:27 Introducing Terpinolene
18:35 Introducing Limonene
20:15 Introducing Pinene
22:00 Introducing Ocimene
22:59 Introducing Linalool
24:30 Introducing Beta-Caryophyllene: Terpene or Cannabinoid?
25:10 Questions from the Audience
25:20 How do terpenes work when you eat an edible?
26:48 How do terpenes interact with cannabinoids?
28:14 Should certain terpenes be vaporized at specific temperatures?
30:35 Our Canned Food Drive for TEAM

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