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GGN News with Gabriel Iglesias | FULL EPISODE



To most, comedian Gabriel Iglesias is known simply as “Fluffy.” What started as an embarrassing nickname from his mother has grown into a full-on brand identity. Go ahead, Google “fluffy” and see what comes up first (it’s definitely not bunnies, clouds, or marshmallows).

Fluffy burst onto the scene in 2006 as one of the finalists on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” but was kicked off the show for violating rules, which we’ll expand on below.

Rather than slow him down, the experience led to several standup specials on Comedy Central, an appearance in the film Magic Mike, a plethora of voice-over roles, and even his own reality show, Fluffy Breaks Even on the Fuse network.

On the newest episode of GGN, Fluffy joins Snoop to discuss growing up in the L.B.C., being the 2nd most famous person from his high school, and the consequences of using a Blackberry (instead of a Whiteberry).

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