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Edible (Definition) : Learn About CBD Oil ( Cannabidoil ) and Related Terms


*** Video is for Information Purposes ONLY *** and For Ages 18+ and/or 21+ ONLY where applicable by law.

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Greetings from Fixed Wellness.
We wanted to make a series of super short clips with information and definitions about “What is CBD Oil”. We wanted to include some of the common words and definitions to give you a better understanding of the industry.
We encourage you to continue your research beyond as we believe in information sharing and ‘knowledge is power’.
Please note some of the information shared by us is based on Fixed Wellness (www.fixedwellness.com) . Since there are other outlets, resources, and sources; we could not possibly fit all the information into one short clip.

Beyond this video there are plenty more on our channel and coming soon to inform and educate!If there is more you would like to know or see –

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We hope this serves in providing value and service to you! Share with your Family and Friends too!

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Disclaimer: The Information on this video and channel is provided for educational and informational purposes only, without any express or implied guarantee of any kind, including those of accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any particular purpose.


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