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Tony is a healer and works with sound and breath too, he has helped many overcome their traumas and limitations, I have had the pleasure of being part of the workshops he holds with his partner Sharon, what they create together is simply beautiful.

Join me on a journey into the wonderful world of healing. This week Tony and James speak openly about their own experiences with plant medicine ayahuasca and the benefits it has brought to their lives.

Plant medicine has been around for centuries but we have been conditioned to only accept medicine from big pharma as when something grows freely from Mother Earth (Pancha mama) the powers that be are unable to make money from it. The medicine we are offered is mixed with all kinds yet we so easily brush this aside without doing proper research or even looking for alternative healing methods. Those that do are usually considered ‘quacks’ or crazy.

The truth is we all have the power to heal ourselves and if we trusted in our Mother Earth and what she has given us the world would be a very different place, especially with what is happening right now!!

It’s time to take back our power and educate ourselves on all forms of healing from the mind, sound, energy and plants.

Welcome to the Love Peace Truth Karma podcast, I am your host Leanne Brown. My aim is to widen your perception of this crazy world, so we can inner stand it fully and shine a light on the darkness and corruption that has been upon us for too long. I am a proud Freedom fighter and believe in our rights to live free. In a system that has indoctrinated us into slavery, there is so much to unlearn, only then can we educate our future generations on how to navigate us to our beautiful NEW WORLD.


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