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"Let Zygons Be Zygons" w/ Author Simon Fisher-Becker


Recorded January 18, 2022.

The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS honors and interviews one of its own. Actor Simon-Fisher Becker. author of “My Dalek Has a Puncture,” and “My Dalek Has Another Puncture,” talks about his third book in the series, “Let Zygons Be Zygons.”

“Let Zygons Be Zygons follows the track of the first two in charting the ups and downs of a long career with brutal honesty, delving into the dark side of life as well as the rewards of becoming known to sci-fi fans worldwide as Doctor Who’s bright blue Dorium Maldovar, intergalactic black marketeer.
In this final volume, he talks about his unexpected role of Agony Uncle to people who recognize their own experiences in the problems that he talks about openly. Simon is clear; he never gives advice, just makes suggestions, believing in the importance of allowing people to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions.” – Amazon.com

► “Let Zygons Be Zygons” – https://www.amazon.com/Let-Zygons-be-Simon-Fisher-Becker-ebook/dp/B09M7QCSVG

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► “MY DALEK HAS A PUNCTURE” – https://www.amazon.com/Dalek-Has-Puncture-Fisher-Beckers-Autobiography/dp/B078TM7M7T
► “MY DALEK HAS ANOTHER PUNCTURE” – https://www.amazon.com/Dalek-Another-Puncture-Fisher-Beckers-Autobiography/dp/B08R12SPT8

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