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Did I Gain Winter Weight? + More Raw Vegan Questions Answered


John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares answers to your questions based on his 26 years of experience learning about health and eating a raw vegan diet that is made up mostly vegetables, and fruits. You will learn the answers to questions such as Has John gained weight? Is celery juice critical to drink every day? How to maintain healthy teeth and bones and get enough trace minerals on a plant-based diet, Cannabis in smoothies, how to have nutrient dense soil, and how to eat fruits and vegetables if you don’t have a lot of money and much more…

Questions that will be answered in this episode:
01:24 How do you maintain your weight on a raw food diet? Any tips for maintaining a healthy weight?
10:52 You packing on winter weight buddy?
14:54 Do you think it is critical to drink celery juice every day and drink a heavy metal detox smoothie?
21:00 Where do you get your soil to fill your garden beds? What should I fill 30 garden beds with?
24:54 The long-term vegan that had a stroke, can you ask him if he supplemented b12?
26:54 How do you maintain strong teeth and bones? How do you make the minerals in your vegetables bioavailable? Do you get the recommended amount of calcium? What about antinutrients?
41:24 Thoughts about Urine Therapy
42:28 How much fat is considered low fat on a raw vegan diet?
42:28 Ever put cannabis in your smoothies?
47:20 Where can I learn to have the same nutrient-dense soil you have and how to grow those leafy greens?
52:06 Do you drink Coffee?
56:06 How would you afford to eat a healthy vegetable and fruit-based diet on a $15/hr $900 rent? Your lifestyle is available to you because you don’t live in a food desert or in poverty.

After watching this episode, you will learn the answers to the above questions and comments, and much, much more.

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