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Cannabutter Vs. Cannaoil: Which is Better?


Cannabutter Vs Cannaoil: What’s The Difference?

Edibles made from cannabis often offer us an exciting way of enjoying marijuana.

With the changing time, there has been so much inclusion in the list of edibles made from weed, including marijuana cookies, brownies, and many more.

An interesting fact here is that you should know that the foundation of most of these recipes is cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil.

Both of these are preferred by chefs as their essential ingredients as an alternative to cooking oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oils used for cooking purposes.

But which of them among the cannabutter and canna-oil is better?

While different people have their other choices as some would prefer using cannabis butter for cooking purposes. In contrast, some will choose cannabis coconut oil for cooking as per the availability or as per their personal choices.

Making cannabis edibles is always a challenging task. You have to consider taking the necessary amount of weed, depending on what we are trying to make, as each has a different recipe.

Also, the content of weed used in each recipe will be added even though we are using the same cannabis plant-derived plant for each making edibles.

If you’re a cooking enthusiast and want to create cannabutter, you can have a look at our recipe on how to make cannabutter recipes.

One primary reason people are switching to cannabis-derived edibles like cannabis-infused olive oil or cannabutter is due to many health benefits like dealing with chronic pain, improving strength, helping in weight gain, dealing with depression, and various other health benefits.

Some discussions are being over the internet regarding cannabutter and cannabis-infused oil, which is ideal.

So here we have mentioned in the article about both the edibles by seeing to which you can decide which is the better one.

Cannabis Butter

Everyone is fond of butter, and why wouldn’t one use butter as it offers you the yummy creamy texture, where again if it is salted, it is likely to be consumed directly without need of anything along with it.

Everyone is fond of butter, and why wouldn’t one use butter as it offers you the yummy creamy texture, where again if it is salted, it is likely to be consumed directly without need of anything along with it.

While we talk about the cannabutter, it is considered the essential ingredient of cannabis-infused brownies, cakes, and cookies. The marijuana butter is made by extracting cannabinoids and other compounds from the flower of marijuana, later infused into the butter.

As a sweet and savoury food pairing, marijuana butter is the perfect place for beginners to begin their homemade edible journey.

Cannabis-infused butter is easy to make and relatively inexpensive, and its high-fat content supports most cooking methods. Due to this, there are some limitations to it.

Advantages Of Cannabutter

Making cannabutter is incredibly easy, and its buttery goodness complements sweet and savoury dishes alike.

Adding cannabutter to creamy curries, using it as the base for savoury cookie dough, or just smearing it on grilled cheese sandwiches is also a practical option.

For most beginner weed chefs, it is with homemade cannabis edibles such as butter that they begin their long, psychoactive journey.

It is simple and tasty to make cannabutter. While the butter has a high-fat content, it is inexpensive and works well in sweet and savoury dishes.

Limitations Of Cannabutter

Cannabutter contains a lot of fat and dairy content.

When it comes to just living a plant-based lifestyle, cannabutter simply is not an option if you watch your fat intake, cholesterol, or cholesterol levels.

Another disadvantage of marijuana butter is its low smoke point, which is not ideal for all recipes.

Fortunately, other options like olive oil, coconut oil, or other oils infused with medicinal weed. Again it is not for the vegan, so at that time, you will have to choose canna oil.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil extracted through heat and pressure can be used in topicals or ingested by itself orally, but its taste and consistency aren’t ideal.

Consuming various cannabis-infused oils is most commonly done by vaporizing or smoking them.

Various hemp oil varieties, like cannabis-infused olive oil, possess health benefits.

Advantages Of Cannabis Oil

Aside from the health benefits of cannabis cooking oil, cannabis-infused coconut oil is also a delicious way to infuse all your favourite dishes with cannabis.

Talking about cannabis-infused Coconut oil, it usually does not have a strong flavor, so that oil can be used for savoury and sweet dishes.

You can also use cannabis-infused coconut oil as a natural lubricant to spread some fresh scents around your home.

Disadvantages Of Cannabis Oil

One main downside is using olive oil as the base for your cannabis-infused oil. When we talk about cannabis olive oil, its robust flavor profile doesn’t always pair well with some dishes, such as cupcakes or other sweet recipes.

The other disadvantage is that the olive oil can be highly-priced, although there are different varieties of CBD oil in the market to make it easy to find a quality version that still fits your budget.

Cannabis oil-derived butter can leave behind a difficult residue on your cookware if cooked with butter made from cannabis oil rather than marijuana.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cannaoil

Different Types Of Cannabis oils

While if thought that there is this marijuana butter and one or two types of cannabis-infused oil, then you are wrong as here there are multiple options available when it comes to making homemade edibles. Below are a few options for canna oil infusion, which you can have access to according to your budget and availability of them:

  • Avocado oil – The canna oil is rich in antioxidants and contains omega-9 fatty acids.
  • Walnut oil – It has a nutty flavor and goes with different kinds of salad and also it may help you to decrease your cholesterol levels
  • Coconut oil: It helps boost the health of your heart and is easily available compared to other listed ones.
  • Rapeseed oil – Most rapeseed oil has a high smoke point, and often these cannabis oils are non-GMO and low in saturated fats.


Are you looking for guidance on which oil to use in the kitchen? Well, here are three things to keep in mind to help you make your selection.


Choosing a cooking fat with the highest absorption rate of THC and other cannabinoids is your best bet if you want to cook up the most potent edibles possible.


Flavour is the one thing we consider the most, so again with the edibles, you will want them to taste great, so choosing the right cannabis-infused oil is crucial for making it taste good.

You can consider choosing two or three different types of oil, as this will add some variety to your recipe.

Here keeping up both the options open for yourself will help you make varieties of different dishes.


The food that looks good should also taste well, so texture also plays a vital role in our experience with food.

Here you have to choose the right cannabis infusions whether you are cooking a sweet dish or a savory dish, and you have to pay attention to how your oil affects the texture.

Although most oils are very similar in texture, they have very distinct textures that will work in some dishes and completely change others.

Final Note On Cannabutter Vs CannaOil

As we saw here that although both of these have been derived from the same cannabis plant, they’re produced and utilized in very distinct ways.

Both the cannabis infusions can make edibles that are potent and flavorful.

While some of these types of CBD oil possess intense flavours, some may not be more intense, but they work great.

But the major thing one has to look at is their availability.

In states where the consumption of marijuana is free from restrictions and it can be used legally, you will be easily able to find products derived from cannabinoids, and cannabis oil can be easily seen even at grocery stores or super malls.

Whereas on the other side where the use of marijuana is restricted, at those places, instead of the cannabis oil, you will be able to find edible cannabutter, which will not be the one made from cannabis oil.

In the end, it all comes down to your taste, preference, and the kind of food you are going to make, so give them both a try and see what works best for you.

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