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Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Waste | Science | Grade-3,4 | Tutway |


#BiodegradableWastes # Non-biodegradableWastes

This video is part of a playlist having the following videos. Watch all of them in sequence for a better learning experience.
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Video no.1 Sources of Water Pollution

Video no.2 Causes of Water Pollution

Video no.3 Water Pollution – Its Effects and Preventions

Video no.4 Our Atmosphere and its Pollutants

Video no.5 Air pollution – Its Effects, Causes, and Prevention

Video no.6 Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Waste

Video no.7 Conserving our Environment

Topics Covered:
• What is Biodegradable waste?
• What is non-biodegradable waste?
• Uses of bio-degradable waste?
• What is biogas?
• Disadvantages of using plastic?
• Why we should not use plastic?
• Steps that can be taken to save our Earth?

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At Tutway, we believe in a very simple idea that audio-visual learning is the most effective tool for grasping knowledge. Many researchers have proven that kids learn a lot by playing interactive games and watching audio-visual animated lessons as compared to reading from books.

That’s when Tutway comes to the rescue.
Tutway is a supplementary education program where kids can learn at their own pace. The students can watch animated videos that are so meticulously made that they can understand even the most complex concepts very easily. There is a question bank at the end of each video where students can answer those questions multiple times and test whether they have grasped knowledge completely or not.
We have information systems embedded in the program where parents can monitor real-time performance of their kids and get up to date information about their performance, including quizzes attempted and the marks got in each quiz, both in tabular and graphical formats. Regular reports are e-mailed to the parents so that the parents can analyze their kids’ performance.
If we want to learn high-level concepts, we should have a clear understanding of the basic concepts. For instance, if kids don’t know about addition and subtraction, they cannot do multiplication, and if they don’t know about multiplication, they cannot do division, and if they don’t have knowledge of these four basic operations, Algebra cannot be done by them, and it goes on and on.
The same applies to the English language if kids don’t have sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary; it becomes extremely difficult for them to have their communication skills.
Knowledge of the scientific concepts is also required for observing physical, chemical, biological phenomena happening all around us.
That is why; Tutway has thousands of animated videos on Maths, English, and Science to clear the basics of these subjects. It perfectly suits most of the educational needs of most of the students, regardless of their learning abilities.
So hurry up, download the Tutway app and book a free demo class to make education interactive and fun experience.


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