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Ask the Professionals Q&A: Pain Management


Rheumatologist and pain management expert, Terence Starz, MD answers common questions about tackling pain with arthritis, including questions about exercise, supplements, sleep and medication interactions. To locate a specific question, reference timestamps below:

1:57 Can you give a brief overview of the different types of arthritis pain and some tips on how to interrupt the pain cycle?
6:09 Why do I still have pain, even though my disease activity and inflammation are under control?
9:09 Why does pain come and go?
12:09 How can someone get better sleep with pain?
15:22 Best positions/practices for sleep with painful joints?
17:43 Any recommendation for sleep supplements to help with pain?
18:18 What is better for painful joints – ice or heat?
19:42 How much pain should you tolerate during daily activity before it causes more damage? Am I doing more damage to my joints by continuing activities and “pushing through the pain?
21:27 How do I talk to my doctor if I want to try CBD or THC products?
26:24 Is there any advice for foot and toe pain? Are there any types of devices or exercises that can prevent further damage to the joints of the feet?
28:41 What are options for people living with pain that cannot take NSAIDs and or cannot take Steroids?
30:16 What are your thoughts on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Prolotherapy for OA and other forms of arthritis?
32:35 Do you have any suggestions to help with the pain and stiffness other than NSAIDS and heat?
34:31 How long should I endure the pain before I know it’s time to have joint replacement surgery?
35:40 Can osteoporosis cause pain?
36:19 How do I know if my pain is arthritis-related?
37:32 For an RA or Inflammatory arthritis patient, what is your “go to” pain strategy recommendation that is not a prescription med?
39:12 What’s the process of switching disease-modifying drugs and increasing pain relievers if your pain isn’t under control?
40:53 Since Sjögren’s can be very difficult and often a long process to diagnose, how can those living Sjögren’s get the best possible care and treatment plan for their disease?
43:34 Can the COVID-19 vaccines cause increased joint pain and sciatica?


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