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A Natural Sweetener With Potential Benefits


Cannabis Honey and it's potential benefits

Honey has been used as medicine and in food. The natural sweetener is far better than the refined artificial sugar, which is nutritionless, while the honey can also help maintain sugar levels.

We are well aware of the health benefits of honey and how it comes to us, but what if they create the same kind of honey by infusing CBD into it? Well, not only will it taste “healthy”, it will provide you with potential health benefits. 

Yes, that’s true!

Marijuana has many medicinal benefits, and mixing it with honey will provide you with a potent mixture of ingredients rich in organic acids. 

And no, we are not the creator of this “cannabis-infused honey”. The recipe already exists, and canna-Honey is one of the best infusions in cannabis. Also, this is a great way to use cannabis as a tasty way to consume it if they don’t want to smoke it or put it under their tongue to benefit from it. 

We have witnessed honey being used in oral medicines like syrups. It is also used in corn meals as flavour or to enhance the taste of your daily coffee by infusing honey in it with pancakes or with peanut butter sandwiches.

It works effectively by being a natural cough syrup, energy source, and diabetes aid; honey, in general, is very nurturing. Cannabis honey has quite a few additional benefits you may not have considered. Besides this, it contains improved moods, prevents mood swings, improves appetite, eases nausea and vomiting, relieves muscle tension, and helps with long-term management of chronic pain.

But how can one get it? Like, even if I want to taste it, do I need to go to a honey bee, get her suck nectar from cannabis flowers and then get the honey from the nectar which is formed?

No No! 

Also, suppose you are worried about the honey bees or especially the queen bee getting high. In that case, this isn’t going to happen as honey bees don’t have neuroreceptors responsible for creating a psychoactive effect.

Tasting cannabis honey without doing all these things is still possible! But how is it going to happen?

Below we have mentioned an easy way to get hands-on making this homemade cannabis honey.

Making Homemade Cannabis Honey By Infusing Honey In Cannabis

Despite the difficulty in locating true nature-made honey, you should still buy the most organic honey available. It is at this point that you’ll need the best cooking accessories for the process of making cannabis-infused honey if that’s what you intend to do.

The infusion process itself is straightforward, and there are so many different video tutorials available online that one can hardly narrow it down to a formula. The experts say that the best way to create it is to infuse honey in the tincture of herbs. Still, earlier versions of the recipe included additions like spices, fat, and coconut oil, which naturally led to innumerable combinations. We have already written an article regarding making cannabis honey, so if you want a quality checklist, you can follow a quick recipe mentioned in this article.  

How Can We Use Cannabis Honey?

Cannabis honey is a versatile food substance. There are many ways to use and process it, and we can use it as an ingredient or a recipe step. Many people use honey to naturally sweeten their drinks, including your favorite mocktail, by using honey’s sweetness. The sweet substance is used as a sweetening agent in jam and a bread filling. While nobody is judging you for taking a daily medicinal spoonful of cannabis honey, what are some other ideas for using medical marijuana honey regularly? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Granola: Adding a large drizzle of warm cannabis honey over your fruit, granola, and yogurt will make your mornings a lot brighter. Top it with a handful of nuts or shredded coconut for an added dose of healthy fats.
  • Herbal Honey Tea: Preparing your morning herbal tea using cannabis honey and sipping it before kicking off your day.
  • Salad Dressings: Honey is a common ingredient in easy homemade salad dressings. Cannabis honey tastes equally as good on a garden salad as other honey, so why not experiment with it for the next time you’re eating a side salad?
  • Honey Glaze: Sweeten the serving of baked veggies by creating a honey glaze that includes cannabis-infused honey. Baking carrots has never been an adventure like this.
  • Cinnamon Toast: You’ve just modified your childhood favorite, toasted bread, honey, and cinnamon, to make it your go-to adult snack. You might want to use your new canna honey instead of plain honey.

We will now look towards the different types of cannabis honey.

Types of Cannabis Honey

  1. Full-spectrum CBD infused honey 
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD infused honey 
  3. Hemp extract honey 

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Honey

Some companies use full-spectrum CBD in their honey. Full-spectrum extracts contain the entire mix of phytochemicals naturally present in a plant, such as CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The THC content of hemp extracts is also negligible – under 0.3%

To maximize the health benefits of each cannabinoid, we have the full spectrum of its active compounds extracted from hemp.

Even though it is non-psychoactive, CBD oil can cause a false positive in a drug test, especially when you consume high doses of CBD oil each day.

Broad-Spectrum Cannabis Honey

The CBD extracted from broad-spectrum cannabis contains cannabidiol and other compounds present in the plant, except for THC, which is completely removed after the initial extraction. Besides producing the entourage effect, broad-spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids.

It has been observed that a full-spectrum CBD can have a rather unpleasant aftertaste, and this resulted in the honey tasting like hemp or rope, ruining its sweet flavor. When the CBD is a broad-spectrum, THC is removed, which means the strong hemp flavor is removed as well.

Hemp Extract Cannabis Honey

The hemp plant produces CBD using the plant’s leaves, flowers, buds, and stalks, while CBD is extracted from CBD-rich plants. However, hemp oil does not contain CBD and is made from hemp seeds, and it is still beneficial. The hemp seed oil contains antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids, just like other carrier oils. It just might be a better option for your skincare and also to deal with aches and pains. 

Cannahoney Benefits

Cannabis honey Benefits

As mentioned earlier, pure honey received from the nectar of bees – can cure everything, whether it’s an actual wound or diabetes. There aren’t always opportunities to discover and test products with utter versatility and mainstream properties. There is a strong possibility that combining marijuana with honey may lead to a breakthrough, not only in the medical world but even in general. Below we have listed down cannabis honey benefits that you should know:

Better Alternative to Artificial Sugar

Honey works well as a better alternative to sugar, especially for those suffering from high sugar levels, and it helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels. While it may work better than sugar for the diabetes patient, it is still recommended to consult the doctors before using it.

Weight Loss

We all are well aware of how honey is being used as a part of diet either with salad or consumed herbal tea with infused honey by people aiming to lose weight. So if you are one of those who also use regular honey with the same purpose, try using cannabis honey using marijuana strains that have medical cannabis herbs infused in honey from next time, and see the potential benefit that is achieved.


Various drugs have been used to deal with this condition, which may be effective, but the drugs can cause undesirable effects. CBD is an FDA-approved effective natural remedy that works as an anti-seizure medicine due to its healing properties. So using cannabis honey has proved to be a healthy, tasty, and edible option for treating patients.

Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are common health conditions seen while suffering from diseases like asthma, cancer, heart diseases, etc., which affect the overall mental health of the patients. They often lose their appetite while consuming medicines, so this can be a better option for them as not only the cannabis honey will provide you with the medical benefits of both honey and cannabis, but also they will be good while they consume the cannabis-infused honey.

Skin Conditions

Honey is proven to be one of the best things for dealing with skin-related issues like oily and acne-prone skin due to its antibacterial properties. At the same time, not only skin-related problems but the cannabis-infused honey solution can also improve the health of your skin.

Better Than Smoking Weed

The canna honey has the medicinal properties of both cannabis and honey, so it works as a better alternative to other marijuana products. However, it may be harmful if you ingest cannabis through smoking carrying unnecessary risks when you breathe in smoke, your risk of developing gum, mouth, and lung cancer increases. 

There are a lot of advantages of cannabis for you, but it is not worth taking the risk of catching a serious disease by smoking marijuana puffs. CBD honey has the same health advantages as smoking it, but it is safer and cleaner to consume. You can also have fun coming up with so many healthy recipes by incorporating your CBD honey into your diet. Furthermore, you will save money from buying all the smoking marijuana you require when you smoke it.

Long Shelf Life

It is great for users that don’t need or want to take the substance every day. Once you have made your CBD honey or have bought some, as long as you have an airtight container with a lid, it will last for several years. It means you can keep away from the direct sunlight and heat it in the cupboard in a cool dark place and use it whenever you need it, without worrying that it will go off or that it will be wasted.


Inflammation is a condition where the body responds by being reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection. It can also be in the form of external damage or some cases, and it can also be caused internally. 

However, inflammation caused for a short period works as protection, while the ones caused for the long term can create serious issues. At the same time, it suggested that CBD proves to be effective as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the level of pro-inflammatory molecules cytokines and provides relief over chronic pain.

Ending Note

Cannahoney contains several beneficial compounds, such as antioxidants and propolis, providing several health benefits. This natural remedy has been proven to be extremely effective in healing patients without making them high from marijuana strain or any harmful effects.

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