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8-31 PART 2 Making Hemp Cannabis Oil ~ Benefits of Cannabigerol (CBG) Cannabidiol (CBD) read 👇🏼


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This is part one of cannabis oil making.
I will upload the next part when the decarb process is over.

It’s good to know how many active components are in the hemp plant that do not contain THC that work amazing for pain, anxiety, depression & even tumors & cancer. There are a wide variety of carrier oils that can be used. It’s best to do your own research to see what will work, absorb & heal your body best. My go to for oil is organic MTC coconut oil for health benefits. Apricot kernels oil is recommended for type A blood. Below are links to cannabinoid information.

Please study and learn the difference between indica and sativa cannabis plant.
It will make a huge difference for effects and healing process. Sativa is a cerebral high which is usually too much for someone with anxiety. A hybrid is a nice breed of both sativa and indica. When Mother Earth & Mother Nature are not manipulated for mass production and the LOVE of money money money, there is much deeper effective Healing.


Indica Vs Sativa Cs Hybrid


Learn the between the varieties of cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC & THC and the many components & benefits of the hemp plant



CBG for brain cancer and tumor will also repair damage from chemotherapy & radiation.


CBG for pain, inflammation and nausea


Benefits of CBG for epilepsy


Benefits of CBN for chronic pain, arthritis, chrons disease and many other benefits.


Benefits of THC & THCV


Also research the different terpenes in the medical cannabis hemp plant. There are specific uses for the terpenes. That is why each plant is so unique & used for different reasons.


Carriers oils are used after the decarb process.


How to make oil without a cannabis oil infuser.
It can be done in the oven, using a crockpot to let the oils soak. The DECARBOXYLATION process activated the “medicine” in the crystals before soaking it in oil.



Top recommendations for an oil infuser to make cannabis oils


Best carrier essential oils for making CBD & CBG oil


Overconsumption of cannabis is actually a blockage in the Heart Chakra. When we can’t deal with Life on Life’s Terms what is taught in Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous.
Balance & moderation is the key for anything in life, from alcohol, social media, technology, pornography, food addiction & yes even cannabis addiction. Gluttony is one of the deadly sins.

My best recommendation is to research very thoroughly the different ways to make oils as well as the different oils to use. Each person has such a unique history, blood type & specific needs. You can begin making your own chemical & preservative free essential oils, hand soaps, even laundry detergent.
I hope this help anyone wanting to advance in their alchemy & healing process.

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Good for them, they fooled everyone, just kidding. This isn’t the best time for all the trauma survivors. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect the innocent Little Children’s ears, eyes and hearts from lying adults.
When You KNOW Who You ARE, what You have overcome, no One’s small minded closed box opinions really matter. I answer to NO One but Yehoshua & My Higher Power.
No more chemicals & avoidance of My Feelings to medicate away. Thanks for being REAL.


There is no reason to avoid true FEELINGS
Theory of a Deadman


Thank You all for Love, Peace, Patience & Kindness. This has been the hardest year of my entire life. Struggling with depression is a daily task many would never understand what it’s like to lose Your ONLY Child & the process of deep heartache & grieve moving forward in such a crazy world.
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