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It’s the premarket – let’s find out which stocks are on the move… Jon Najarian details them all each morning in 60 seconds.

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Follow Market Rebellion on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarketRebels
60 Seconds you need to know before you go Jon Najarian here, gorgeous background again. Pfizer said that one of their vaccines that was tested on young adults was 100% effective. So great news for Pfizer. It’s up about 1% in the pre Walgreens Boots Alliance, says justed quarterly earnings $1.40 a share versus $1.11. That’s good news. The stock is up about two and a half percent in the pre Chewy earned a surprise profit of five cents. But you know, it’s in that space where everything’s on growth. Nonetheless, Chewy is up over 10% in the pre market to CHWY Take a look at tilray Canopy Aphria Aurora cannabis marijuana stocks up as New York passed a bill to become the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Bang. I should be wearing my THCX shirt today. I am Jon Najarian. Make sure you do check out THCX. That’s the cannabis ETF and also check us out on three at three as well as the Halftime Report. Yeah, do want it from out here in Park City today. Bang


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