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Introduction to doTERRA essential oils with Natalie Carson


My name is Natalie Carson and I have been helping people learn about natural solutions and doTERRA essential oils for over 7 years! I love empowering others!
Remember that it’s extremely important to reduce our toxic load to reduce our chance of getting sick. Think about what you are eating, putting on your skin and using for ailments. Natural remedies are not only safer, they can also be more effective in helping your body get to the root cause of problems.

Join me in this 30 min class to learn the 3 cool things about essential oils
and the 3 ways to safely use them!
Essential oils are safe and effective and help support physical and emotional health too!

Please connect with the friend that invited you to this video to get started!

If thats me: Check out the below ideas.
If you need suggestions, please text me your top 3 health concerns and I can make recommendations for you! Text me at (775) 344-9221.

Below are some of the most popular starter kits! There are many others so let me know if you want to see more!

🌿Allergy Relief! https://doterra.me/jMNiXCl6 $141 Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, OnGuard, Breathe
🌿Healthy Daily Habits (vitamins & essential oils) $190 : https://doterra.me/NiQPywzQ
🌿Healthy Start (small bottle kit & diffuser) $160: https://doterra.me/qNdp2NJi
🌿Home Essentials (big bottle kit & diffuser) $249: https://doterra.me/7B52v1jV
🌿Simple Solutions (mini starter pack for sleep, pain, cleansing, detox & supporting the immune system) $105: https://doterra.me/XuN1Ds7l

If you do get started with me, you get a free wholesale account with doTERRA where you can save 25% – 55% for a year (just like Costco), welcome pack, continuing education access to free essential oil app, Real Food Reset, wellness workshops and a 45 minute wellness overview.

Be well and God Bless You
❤️Natalie Carson


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