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🔥 Growing Cannabis With Magnets EP#6 – Flipping To Flower + My New 'GROW TURBO' Channel


Please check out my new dedicated Cannabis grow channel GrowTurbo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbolx-kLKXH0rrRPQ2-CJmA

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Happy new year, may 2022 be a blessing to you and yours!

We’re flipping to flower in this episode. Jan 1st, I flipped my cannabis plants to flower by simply switching my lights to 12/12, no 36hr dark period, just flip, they naturally respond.

Before doing this though, I gave them a dunk and a flush, as my soil became aquaphobic and overly dry with air pockets throughout and soil that would not absorb properly. You LITERALLY dunk them under water, force them under until all the air bubbles come out, then let them sit in there for a minute and move them around so all soil is soaked. Then flush them and check runoff to make sure you’re good.

Then I prepped my trellis net and tried a few variations. A metal wire grid, a normal trellis, and a cargo net. I ended up not using any of them and just stuck to my thread and safety pins as I get the most control and best results with that method so far.

Top dressing with worm castings and gaia green bloom, then a full watering the next day with organic black strap molasses and PH’d water only.

About a week in and I notice my first pistols showing proudly in every single cola, and MAGgie is still taking the lead by a bigger and bigger margin re size, cola count, and vigor. The magnets seem to be doing their job.

I also wanted to run an experiment where I take a seed to flower and totally skip the vegetation stage, and so I did. Unfortunately though, I did it with bagseed wildcard and it turned out to be a male so it got chopped before causing any damage or hermying my ladies.

I visited my friend that I got the clones from and helped him LST a couple of his plants and was surprised he asked me to as his tent has a lot more experience and I was surprised he wasn’t already doing it. Was a cool feeling of kinda knowing what I’m doing and feeling confident :).

Thank you kindly for being in my grow corner, I appreciate you taking your time to view and read this, and hope you join me for the rest of the journey!

More Love,

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