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Overview of Cannabis in Germany


In this interview we speak to Lukas Röth from CSCLife / Pilchard’s Caviar regarding distribution of cannabis products across the 16 federal states of Germany.

We discuss how THC flower and products are sold by pharmacies focused on the final preparation of the product as a magistral preparation by the chemist/pharmacist.

Access to CBD products is also reviewed and how this is different compared to South Africa. The discussion of irradiation of cannabis flower is a rather sensitive topic but we dig into when this should and should not be appropriate when importing products into Germany. Despite BfArM (The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) being the main medical regulatory authority in Germany we discuss how each of the 16 federal states have a large degree of autonomy with regards to its unregistered cannabis products within its jurisdiction.

Naturally we couldn’t overlook the need to discuss the framework for upcoming responsible adult-use cannabis (recreational) in Germany and how this might look.

Note: In Bavaria, THC is considered an API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient). The other 15 federal states consider it to be an ingredient of a magistral preparation.

Lukas is co-founder of Cologne based Boutique Cannabis consulting firm CSCLife (www.csclife.de) and of Barcelona based seed bank Pilchard’s Caviar (www.pilchards.es)

Host: Jeff Verlinden
Mobile: +27 63 291 3334/Local 063 291 3334
Email: jeff@separations.co.za

Guest Speaker: Lukas Röth
Mobile: +34 618 018 836
Email: lukas@csclife.de

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