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How to Protect Kidneys from Colesterol w Most Powerful Remedy


there are 5 natural ways to lower your cholesterol levels FAST and protect your kidneys from one of the worst health dangers of our time.
Our number 1 in particular is a remedy that was found to reduce bad cholesterol by 23 mg/dL in just 3 months!
It also has amazing kidney health benefits, it’s a must if you want to lower your creatinine levels!
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it’s incredibly important to keep bad cholesterol levels under 100 mg/dL if you want to lower your creatinine levels!
Cholesterol is a silent killer, one of the worst health dangers of our times.
It is not just a cause of Atherosclerosis, a condition in which your organs progressively stop working, it’s also a constant cause of kidney damage.

In people with kidney disease, blood vessels are already narrower than normal.
If we add cholesterol to the equation, things will get bad.
Cholesterol travels throughout the body and it picks up all sorts of inflammatory substances.
Then it dumps itself into the artery walls as plaque.

More in this video!


Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health!
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Intro – 0:00
Natural ways to protect your kidneys from cholesterol – 0:11
5 eating tips that are proven to lower cholesterol levels – 2:27
4 This supplement can give you a 15% reduction in cholesterol levels – 4:54
3 Tips that are 100% proven to help your kidney health – 7:26
2 A remedy that’s proven to lower cholesterol levels by 23 mg/dL – 10:15
1 A remedy that fights cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, cancer, kidney problems – 12:28

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