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Ep 81 -Big News! Study Shows "Cannabis Compounds Prevent Covid-19"


Welcome back to the show! Mr and Mrs Weedman are here with cannabis news from the US and abroad. We’ve got an article to share that offers promising news about cannabis and Covid-19. We’ll also cover updates on state laws, sales and products and the continued effort to free the plant and those jailed for non-violent cannabis offenses.

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Article Links:
* Cannabis effective against Covid-19 variants, say scientists in groundbreaking study – North Wales Live
* https://norml.org/news/2021/12/23/study-cbd-dominant-extracts-associated-with-behavioral-improvements-in-children-with-autism/
* https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/last-prisoner-project-urges-nj-governor-to-free-cannabis-prisoners
* https://weedmaps.com/news/2021/12/declutter-your-life-with-these-6-productive-strains/

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