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Anxiety Muscle Tension Symptoms (UPPER BODY EDITION & RELIEF!)


Anxiety muscle tension symptoms are very common in the upper body! I provide tips & relief for anxiety muscle tension at the end of this video! Anxiety causes muscle tension to help us fight or run away from danger. When we are anxious, our muscles contract. Prolonged anxiety muscle tension can lead to anxiety tension headaches, anxiety muscle pain, anxiety back pain, globus hystericus sensation, neck pain, and anxiety related chest pain!

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DISCLAIMER ➡️ I am not a doctor or a licensed mental health professional. This material is based off of my life experiences and further research for educational purposes. I encourge you to always seek help from a professional and this content is not mean’t to replace that! These videos are created from the experience, knowledge, & additional research through my anxiety recovery journey! Always talk to a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for exercise, cold showers, or diet changes!

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