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CBC News: The National | Unvaccinated tax, Breast implant safety, Wordle craze


Jan.12, 2022 | The ethics, laws and politics connected to Quebec’s plan to tax the unvaccinated. Breast implant manufacturers took years to tell regulators about suspected injuries. Plus, why Wordle is the perfect pandemic game.

00:00 The National for Jan. 12, 2022
00:59 The COVID-19 Omicron wave in Canada
01:35 Quebec’s proposed tax on the unvaccinated
04:33 Anxiety about the return to the classroom
07:05 Experts question airport PCR testing
09:21 Government extends CEBA loan repayment
09:45 Saskatchewan mother pleads for help
11:54 P.E.I potato farmers pivot as dispute drags on
14:13 U.S. inflation rate hits 40-year high
14:40 Prince Andrew to face trial in the U.S.
16:53 Boris Johnson under fire after party apology
19:19 Three weeks until the Beijing Olympics
19:49 Novak Djokovic Australia visa controversy
21:56 Hockey P.E.I. lifts player’s suspension
23:30 NATO-Russia talks about Ukraine stall
23:55 CBC investigates breast implant injuries
27:45 Parents struggle to cope with online learning
35:04 Residential school tragedy: The Fifth Estate
41:02 Wordle’s success prompts copycats
43:33 The Moment

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