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Waxy Brown's Flower Power Hour 1/12/22


This week’s Waxy Brown’s Flower Power Hour is looking to be CRAZY FUN!🤡🌱💚
We have Todd Liefer of Monarch Cannabis and Society (medicated seltzers) on to talk about all the cool products they have!!⛽💨💨
We also have the team from Extract-ED, LLC 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️on to talk about the battery of tests I took under the influence of good old Missouri Cannabis. (Big shout out to Jason Crady of Missouri Wild Alchemy as well as the Teal Extracts team for the 🔥). Turns out that consumption doesn’t equal impairment. 🚀✌
We also have “The Hemp Guy” Justin Trowbridge of The Industrial Hemp Coalition on to talk about MOCANNAFEST Missouri Cannabis Festival
We are also going to talk to Nicolas Baruzzini of AMCANNect. They are future of Social Media in the Cannabis space.🎯
We also have Eapen Thampy and his guest Rep. Ron Hicks (R), St. Charles, on to talk legalization efforts in The Grow Me State.🕴💼
We also have Izzi Clawson of HealthCityMd on to talk Cannabinoids. Ever heard of Bisabolol? You will.🧐🥳
We also have Canna Convict Project as well as our favorite Potcaster doing her thing today, Raechill Marie from Weed, Weather and Whatever !🙏✌🙏🙏
What a wild show! Make sure you tune in from 3-5pm,


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