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The Virtual Horizon | Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast Episode 184


This week’s episode of Sacred Symbols is full of acronym soup. Let’s start with the biggest news: PSVR2. While Sony revealed PlayStation VR’s successor last year, we finally have new information, though — frustratingly — we still lack a release date or price. Along with fresh PSVR2 details comes a new game, too, something from the first party. It’s called Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and we’re eager to talk about it. Then: NFTs. Japanese publishers Square Enix and Konami are the latest to signal their intentions to enter the goofy world of the non-fungible token. What does it all mean for we gamers? We discuss. And how about TLoU? That stands for The Last of Us, of course, and compelling new rumors indicate a ground-up PS5 remake of the classic PS3 game is near. Plus: New details surrounding God of War: Ragnarok’s release date, sales data for both Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone, a delayed reveal for Final Fantasy XVI, Tencent’s further expansion, and more, all capping off with listener inquiries. Are we underestimating Tom Holland’s value to Sony? What’s the deal with silent protagonists? Which 2022 release has the potential to be most disappointing? Is it okay to use your hand instead of a tissue when blowing your nose?

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:10:07 – Colin is a monster.
0:11:48 – A merch update.
0:16:49 – Would you rather see your parents have sex or have your parents watch you have sex?
0:19:22 – Is it more efficient to blow my nose into my hand?
0:22:22 – Is my girlfriend insane for eating chicken nuggets like this?
0:24:02 – A Bloomberg article claims Ken Levine’s game is in development hell. (It isn’t)
0:37:01 – Sonic Frontiers was originally slated for 2021.
0:37:44 – Bully 2 was real. It was also canceled.
0:43:07 – Ubisoft is bringing their subscription service to Xbox.
0:45:44 – Babylon’s Fall has gone gold.
0:48:24 – There’s more SaGa in the works.
0:49:07 – Skull & Bones has lost its Associate Game Director.
0:51:13 – Twitch viewership is way up.
0:55:26 – What have we been playing?
1:19:43 – Sony has begun unveiling the PSVR2.
1:41:45 – A new Horizon game is coming to PSVR2.
1:54:07 – The Last of Us’ remake may be nearing completion.
2:02:06 – God of War: Ragnarok has been rated for launch on PS4 and PS5, along with other GoW info.
2:07:42 – Ghost of Tsushima has surpassed 8 million units sold.
2:21:04 – Square Enix is diving into the world of NFTs.
2:35:21 – Final Fantasy XVI is behind schedule.
2:39:52 – Tencent has acquired Turtle Rock and is working with Remedy.
2:41:46 – John Madden has passed away.
2:46:36 – Klonoa will live again.
2:49:54 – January’s PS+ and PS Now games are live.
2:50:57 – News Wrap-Up
2:52:02 – This just in, Tom Holland is young, and people find him appealing.
3:00:16 – What IP would we reinvent?
3:04:21 – Is it possible that the rumored MGS1 remake will be neutered for more modern audiences?
3:09:43 – What are our thoughts on silent protagonists?
3:17:03 – What 2022 game will be the biggest disappointment?
3:22:37 – Did any pre-patch capable games launch with game breaking bugs?


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