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Psychedelics: More Than Just a Trip | Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale Presents Along Side Industry Experts


Doug Drysdale speaks about the direction of the psychedelic sector and the future growth of the industry.

This panel includes large psychedelic companies and their plans on competing within the industry.


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0:53 – Introductions
7:20 – Why Psychedelics And What Makes Their Characteristics Favorable At A Scientific And Commercial Perspective?
15:15 – Who Is An Ideal Patient For Psychedelic Treatment?
18:30 – Do You Envision Psychedelics To Solely Include Monotherapy Or Include A Combination Of Polypharmacy As Well?
25:45 – What Has Changed In The Last Few Years That Has Enabled An Increase Of Psychedelic Drug Studies Around The World?
32:40 – How Do You All See CMC In A Broad Scope?
44:42 – In The Next 5 Years, How Do You Envision The Evolution Of The Psychedelic Industry?
51:55 – What Indications Can Best Benefit From The Use Of Psychedelic Treatments?

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