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How Neuroinflammation Disrupts Your Immune System – Gary Kaplan, D.O. – #889


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™…​
you’ll learn about neuroinflammation and its connection to the immune system from integrative medicine pioneer Gary Kaplan, D.O. The conversation gets into many topics like the immune system, infections, chronic disease and why your brain may be on fire. It’s all connected!

More than 20 million Americans suffer from chronic disabling disorders. But often the way they are treated for those conditions doesn’t reflect the pathophysiologic mechanisms of their illness.

Dr. Kaplan is a pro at alleviating chronic pain and illness in the field of integrative medicine, by combining integrative and alternative strategies. Conventional thinking about chronic pain and depression is flawed, he says, as more research shows often those symptoms are rooted in inflammation in the brain.

Three major causes of inflammation include:

Environmental factors
Childhood trauma
Epigenetics and genetics
Inflamed brains cause mental, emotional and physical pain like depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fibromyalgia, pediatric neuropsychiatric disorders and more, he says. So he started asking questions and researching answers: “How do we take the poisons out of our system and then fine tune the immune system so that it’s really working for our benefit and not against us?”

“Symposium on Autoimmune Encephalopathy Secondary to Infectious Disease: A New Perspective on the Pathogenetic Interaction of the Immune system, Infection and Chronic Disease”
Feb. 9, 10, 11, 2022
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