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Chef Turtle and the Art of Edible Infusion


On this episode I sit down with Chef Turtle, an award winning cannabis chef out of Arizona. After learning the foundations as a chef, he began infusing foods with whole plant infusions and providing patients with an alternative to store bought edibles. Chef Turtle owns and operates an infusion consulting business where he teaches patients and consumers the very foundation of how to infuse foods with medicinal cannabis to make their own edibles/consumables in a very easy-to-understand formats. He provides classes for all levels of cooks, from novice to master chef. Chef Turtle is truly an inspirational in human in one) his determination and drive and 2) he has a servant based heart. He lives to serve and just wants to help others improve their quality of life with the help of medicinal cannabis.

I have first hand experience in his infusion class, and it was very enjoyable easy to understand. Find Chef Turtle on social media:

Instagram @Chefturtle420

Facebook- Chef Turtles’ Infusions


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