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@Ms. Pat Teaches Us Grit – Kratom Kerry/The Taxi Chronicles- @The Humidor – 1/12/22


Thanks to everyone who caught us LIVE today on Twitch! Today was a damn fine day of recording and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Find out more about Author Kerry Edwards and his book “The Taxi Chronicles” HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Taxi-Chronicles-Kerry-Edwards/dp/1915206111

Educate yourself about all things Ms. Pat HERE: https://mspatcomedy.com/ and if you’re looking to snag tickets for her shoes this week in Orlando, head over to the Improv’s website. You can find that HERE: https://theimprovorlando.com/ShowDetails/76ee394e-1e2d-431d-a1fa-20083f6be2f6/866e4def-e0ba-4722-b140-f1b2b8ab8940/Ms__Pat/Orlando_Improv

Check out Chris Gwaltney’s 2022 Cigar Predictions and get yourself some quality cigars on The Humidor.com. Check him out HERE: https://www.thehumidor.com/ and make sure you use promo code “tomanddan” at check out for a little something off from us. (I’m pretty sure it’s 20% off so it’s a fairly rad lil’ treat!)

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