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Using Cannabis for Health & Does CBD Actually Work? With Dr. Tishler


Stoner lore. Budtender. Recreational use vs. medicinal use. DIY cannabis treatment and the pitfalls and risks of self-dosing.

Is cannabis use helpful for PTSD and anxiety? Dr. Jordan Tishler says so, but it can also be harmful if not used correctly. Curious if CBD actually works? You might be surprised with Dr. Tishler’s response.

This conversation covers everything from cannabis regulation, who’s at risk using cannabis, is cannabis addictive, how the psychedelic movement may or may not effect the positive movement of the medical marijuana treatment and the effects on physical pain.

Tishler is a cannabinoid specialist who has devoted his life’s work to the education, regulation and medicinal use of cannabis and is at the forefront of this work. He is the founder of InhaleMD, on the faculty of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School and has been named Clinician of the Year from The Americans for Safe Access.

We discuss the in’s and outs of the ever-evolving world of cannabis use and how to trust the supplier or find a specialist, to understanding if cannabis could be useful to you for your health needs.

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